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Tori Elliott

Tori Elliott is the illustrator of The Phlunk and The Phlunk’s Worldwide Symphony.

Tori graduated in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration from the prestigious University College Falmouth, Cornwall and so she is relatively new to the commercial illustration scene. However, we think she’s going places and are proud to be her first publisher. Her style is definitely unusual and her illustrations in both books of The Phlunk series have a depth and detail unmatched by many other picture books. Digital collage techniques, often incorporating homemade textures, are an important part of her working style – take a close look at any of her gorgeous illustrations and you’ll see what we mean.

Based in Devon, Tori is constantly inspired by the moors and seascapes she encounters all around her – visible in her naive organic style.

Tori is also pretty remarkable as an individual. Her disability, spinal muscular atrophy, means that she’s faced more challenges than most to realise her dream of becoming a professional illustrator. Her innate artistic talent, drive and determination are realised brilliantly in The Phlunk’s stunning illustrations.

Read an in-depth interview with Tori from 2012 (and if you know any good illustrator jokes, please let us have them!).

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