The Phlunk

Introducing ‘The Phlunk’

The Phlunk was born on a magical moon
that sails between the stars,
a strange little planet shaped like a spoon,
between Venus, Saturn and Mars.

Kids up to 7 years old will love the Phlunk – an intriguing cat-like creature who lives on a spoon-shaped planet. His magic ears hear the sounds of all earth’s children.

This 32 page fully illustrated picturebook, the first in the Phlunk series, is available in hardback and paperback and features beautiful organic illustrations by Tori Elliott and a gently rhythmic poem, penned by acclaimed singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes.

The follow-up book in The Phlunk series, ‘The Phlunk’s Worldwide Symphony’ will be released in paperback in May 2014.

Review for The Phlunk

” a lot more style and panache than your average picture book. As a whole it’s an unusual and pleasantly refreshing package.” –  KidsConfidential

“I read it to a lovely bunch during one of our story-time sessions […] The verdict? I am very happy to say that it was a huge hit. The children loved the Phlunk himself and enjoyed the story too. Needless to say, we will be stocking …”  Chicken & Frog Independent Children’s Bookshop

“Written in rhyme this is a rather unusual picture book that’s a pleasure to read aloud with fun illustrations too.”  The Bookbag

“It has a comforting message and lovely language, and is now a firm bedtime favourite.”  Guardian Reader Reviews




The Phlunk Activity Sheets

Grab these free kids’ activity sheets to enjoy with The Phlunk!