You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide – Simon Wolstencroft

You Can Drum But You Can't Hide by Simon Wolstencroft

Among the many near-mythical figures of the Manchester music scene, he’s known as the ‘nearly man’. The nearly man. You’d expect a drummer to have better timing.

  • Yes, he parted ways before The Patrol became the Stone Roses.
  • Yes, he turned down The Smiths.
  • Yes, Noel Gallagher asked if he fancied joining his band

Right time, right place, wrong choices? Timing is everything.

So the beat goes on and while Simon Wolstencroft can see what might have been, cultivating bitterness bears no fruit. And Funky Si has tasted the nectar. Spending an unlikely 11 years in The Fall and hooking up with his old mate Ian Brown during his solo days, Simon’s candid memoir You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide reflects on a life driven by a passion for playing.

Simon’s book gives you the inside scoop on life with post-punk maverick band The Fall.  Enjoy your backstage pass to an evocative age that restored pride to the city of Manchester.


Manchester. Music. Mayhem.
A top story! Si tells it as it was.
Well worth reading. [- Ian Brown]


As his brilliant memoir You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide reveals, he’s seen and done all of the rock n’ roll clichés and has some wonderful stories to show for it —

… this punchy and addictive memoir [ ] proves as endearing and self-effacing as Wolstencroft himself. — The Quietus

Essential — Vive le Rock!

Video Interview with Simon Wolstencroft – Parts 1 & II



Excerpts from You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide

Don’t mix your drugs and eat plenty every day.
– Johnny Marr’s advice for Si on touring

Perhaps it was the prototype MDMA crystals … at one point
Mark was curled up on the minibus floor,
shouting ‘I’m a snail, I’m a snail.
– On tour with The Fall

I always said Si would get the furthest.
– Ian Brown circa 1986

Confused by your note – I thought your P45 was spoken for?
– Morrissey, responding to Si’s request for a job while still in The Fall

Noel said to me in the lift, ‘You don’t fancy joining our band do you?’
– An off the cuff remark from Noel Gallagher

What do you want?
– Mark E Smith meeting Si for the first time in 14 years