New Debut – hard rockers Die So Fluid on ‘Spawn of Dysfunction’

Album image 'Spawn of Dysfunction' - Die So Fluid

Spawn of Dysfunction – Die So Fluid

The latest in Strata’s Debut series comes from hard-rockers Die So Fluid as they recall the making of their debut album Spawn of Dysfunction. For their Debut, singer/bassist Grog Rox and guitarist Drew Richards have adopted a concept called the Rashomon effect where 2 people write about the same experience from their own unique perspective.

When it came to the recording of Spawn of Dysfunction there was no one more pivotal than Mel C. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking –‘What British wave of nu-metal meets art-rock record hasn’t been influenced by the chirpy scouse Spice Girl? — Drew Richards, Die So Fluid

Sounds like the perfect read for Christmas doesn’t it?

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